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Manager Advantage by cyberFEDS is federal managers' and supervisors' go-to online resource for guidance on workplace challenges.

Build your managers' and supervisors' professional capacity and give them access to just-in-time training tools to address day-to-day challenges. Manager Advantage by cyberFEDS® can help your agency avoid errors that lead to costly litigation, as it equips managers and supervisors with best practices to respond appropriately to pressing employee issues and make sound decisions.

What makes Manager Advantage by cyberFEDS so unique is the ability for your HR staff to completely manage and customize all the content as you see fit to match your agency's policies and preferences. Your entire agency from the top down will reap countless benefits.

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Manager Advantage by cyberFEDS supports your managers and supervisors with:

Check mark Authoritative guidance covering more than 100 workplace topics organized into 13 distinct categories
Check mark Core principles and key terms of each topic
Check mark A training library offering more than 30 hours of training in the form of training modules, recorded training sessions, and opportunities to attend live training sessions
Check mark E-Updates that keep managers and supervisors informed and current on compliance issues, leadership skill development, late-breaking news, and more
Check mark Frequently asked questions, dos and don'ts, and action steps that align with federal employment law best practices
Check mark Scenario-based videos that portray how to handle problematic situations — especially effective for visual learners
Manager Advantage by cyberFEDS serves many purposes,
but it primarily assists managers and supervisors in two important ways:
Tools in the Leadership, Performance Management, Labor-Management Relations, and Hiring and Retention categories help managers and supervisors build their professional capacity and advance their efforts to reach goals and fulfill agency mission.
When managers and supervisors need solutions for problems encountered day to day, the categories of Conflict Resolution and Hearings, Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation, and Misconduct and Discipline provide tools for handling misconduct, disputes, and compliance issues on the spot.
One misstep by a manager or supervisor can cause big problems for employees and management — and can be costly for your agency.
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